Pickleball Birthplace Bainbridge Island


Congressman Joel Pritchard, Barney McCallum, and Bill Bell invented the game of Pickleball one summer afternoon in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, WA. In Barney's own words, here is the story, along with views of the original (and oldest) pickleball court in the world.







Original Pickleball Court

Crowd Surfing Pickleball 2013 Dennis Forbes Memorial Tournament of Champions Ogden, UT

Out at the 2013 Dennis Forbes Memorial Tournament of Champions, Farrell Lafferty goes "crowd surfing," asking various players about their background and levels of play.  Very interesting to see where people come from and their different viewpoints of pickleball.





2013 Dennis Forbes Memorial Crowd Surfing

The North Georgia Pickleball Club

Here’s a look at the North Georgia Pickleball Club in Cherokee County, Georgia. This was featured on "This is Atlanta with Alicia Steele," a Telly Award-winning and Emmy-nominated magazine program on PBA 30, Atlanta’s PBS Station.  Tom Earley is a great pickleball ambassador in that area of the country.  If you are ever around that area, we HIGHLY encourage you to stop in and play.






Palm Creek Pickleball Tournament 2011

Many locals and out of state players attended the March 2011 Palm Creek Pickleball Tournament in Casa Grande, Arizona. Teams were bracketed by age and skill in men’s, women’s, and coed. It was a beautiful weekend for a Pickleball tournament!



5.0 villages pickleball 5-22-2011

Pickleball is fun played at any athletic level. This video shows some good high level pickleball in the Villages in Florida.  In the near court: Barry Gee and Brian…Far court Phil Bagley and Jeff Christman. 



Pickleball in Rocket’s Back Yard: Abby vs Josh

Abby "Shooter" Grubbs versus Josh Grubbs.  This is a prelude to the upcoming Pickleball Rocks Summer Shootout here in Brookville, IN.   And this just goes to show, that anywhere you have some flat concrete, you can get a game going!  The paddles are flying in Brookville!