Touching the Net Rule


Here's a look at another commonly asked rule in pickleball.  Is the point immediately over if I touch the net?  You bet!  From:



Touching Net


Pickleball Singles Scoring


Here's a look at how to keep score in pickleball singles.  It's a little different from doubles, but it's easy to pick up.



Singles Scoring

Pickleball Double Bounce Rule Explained


Josh Grubbs from explains the often misunderstood Pickleball double bounce rule.



Double Bounce

Determining Who Serves First in Pickleball



Josh Grubbs of gives a quick look at how to determine who serves first and who takes which side at the start of a game of Pickleball.



Who Serves

Explaining the Pickleball Serving Rules



Josh Grubbs from explains the Pickleball Serving Rules.




Where a Receiver’s Pickleball Partner Can Stand



Josh Grubbs explains the pickleball rule regarding where a receiver's partner is permitted to stand.



Where to Stand

Pickleball Doubles Scoring Explained



Josh Grubbs of explains how to keep score in Doubles Pickleball.



Doubles Scoring

Explaining the Pickleball Line Calls



Josh Grubbs of explains which pickleball lines are in and which are out.



Line Calls

Pickleball Around the Post Rule



Josh Grubbs of explains when you can hit around the post in pickleball and some trick shots you can use.



Around Post

Pickleball Kitchen and Non-Volley Zone Violations Explained


Josh Grubbs of explains pickleball non-volley zone (aka Kitchen) violations.





Kitchen Violations Rule