Pickleball in Rocket’s Back Yard: Abby vs Josh

Abby "Shooter" Grubbs versus Josh Grubbs.  This is a prelude to the upcoming Pickleball Rocks Summer Shootout here in Brookville, IN.   And this just goes to show, that anywhere you have some flat concrete, you can get a game going!  The paddles are flying in Brookville!


2013 Tom Sawyer State Park Pickleball Tournament

The Louisville players put together this really cool video of the 2nd Annual Tom Sawyer State Park Pickleball Tournament.  There’s some great shots of everyone, and you can tell that everyone had a great time!  We enjoyed traveling down there and meeting one of the friendliest pickleball groups in the country!

1st Annual Cheers Tourney 2013 Pickleball (5.0 Mixed Doubles)

The first matchup here is Josh and Abby Grubbs against Scott Lawler and Stephanie Lane in this first round match in the 5.0 mixed doubles division down in Terre Haute right after New Year’s.  Later, Josh and Abby go up against the always tough, Kimberly Monte and Leon Tomasino.  Sure looks like the Pro-Lite paddles were well represented in Terre Haute this year!

Pickleball 2012 Seatac Mens 5.0 Singles 2nd Round Chris Miller vs. Billy Jacobson Seattle, WA

Here’s some great pickleball up in Seattle, Washington.  Check out Billy Jacobson and his Pro-Lite paddle against Chris Miller in this 2nd round 5.0 match.  Enjoy!

2011 USAPA Pickleball Nationals Men’s Open Finals

This is a great video of the 2011 USAPA Pickleball Nationals Men’s Open Finals showing some of the top pickleball players in the nation.  In the near court is Billy Jacobson and Dan Gabanek vs Timothy Nelson and Don Paschal.  Looks like Pro Lite paddles are the choice of the top players in the country!

2010 National Pickleball Championships

Rick Young and Tim Nelson defeat Jagan Subhas and Paul Coletta in the 2010 National Pickleball Tournament in Men’s Doubles.  These guys sure do know how to control their pickleball paddles!  And looks like Pro Lite paddles are dominating the National Tournament again!